International PaRTNER
for leadership and transformation

Joachim Felix


• Managing Director Life Works International

• International Consultant, Trainer and Coach

• Master of Business Administration

• Advertising Manager, Media Designer

• Accredited Psychotherapist (HP-Psych.)

• Systemic Therapist and Coach

• Chairman of  the association Spirit of WE e.V.


"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" - different cultures and economic zones call for a great deal of changeability from global companies to both employees and executives as well as company culture. Medium-sized companies in Germany are also part of the globalization and may benefit from our experience too.


In order to meet the challenges of this 21st century, very important questions arise: What is our purpose and our contribution to social and environmental sustainability? How do we manage to generate profits? How can we attract and retain talented employees? How can we deal with risks and stress positively? How to built from difference and variety productive and innovative teams?


We have set ourselves the task to realize meaningful and sustainable answers and solutions together with our clients as partner and coach. Essentially, it's about leadership and transformation, thus about the development and implementation of human values, ecological visions and a Spirit of WE.

We are an international company in the field of leadership and transformation, a competent partner for management training/coaching and organizational development.



International PaRTNER
for leadership and transformation

International PARTNER
for leadership and transformation

International PaRTNER
for leadership and transformation

These days, change is one of the strongest momentums. This is understandable taking into consideration that to anticipate and to adapt future developments has never before been faster and more efficient in accomplishing every day’s organizational work.


Employees have to be informed and integrated. New models and new cultures of leadership shall bring fresh energy into the company. Departments that were merged and their teams need to come together and start networking. Quality management needs to be improved or the sales department faces a redeployment. Project kick-offs are pending, PD programs are starting. Customers want to be listened to, newly acquired and also retained.


More than 70% of change projects in organizations and companies fail or get stuck halfway.


The reasons are as follows:

• lack of competency in leadership and
  disagreement in top management

• unskillful handling of psychological
  factors such as resistance, fear, doubt etc.

• unprofessional communication with the
  stakeholders particularly with employees


It makes sense to get external support on board in time.

For commercial enterprises whose (leadership) culture, organization and perception of themselves is affected by a past which was relatively stable, the globalization of the market places and their increasing dynamic are a challenge in particular. Traditional planning and leadership and the often rigid forms increasingly lead to failure in this environment. It's a question of survival to deal properly with the dynamics of the market places and the company's dynamic.


Our training puts your employees and managers in the position to understand these aspects. They also learn to deal with the challenges of dynamic and complex systems and organizations in a productive and successful way.


The basis of a new leadership culture is to train, coach and facilitate not only the top management, but also – and this of particular importance – the middle and lower management.


Thus we provide tools such as Process Inquiry, Change Coaching and Trans-formational Leadership to cope with the dynamic of change in business. In addition you will learn by systemic methods to understand the company as a whole, and to lead in an process-oriented way,  – the basis of a dynamic and future-oriented corporate culture..

Coaching is an effective approach to look at professional or personal issues from different angles and to deal with them in a solution-oriented way.


Coaching is useful and effective when it comes to growth and development of personality, solution of tasks and problems, development of professional and personal goals.


With the help of coaching current personal problems may further processed and unwanted developments in the workplace – as bullying or burnout – may addressed as well.


”Organizations are moving away from classroom-based training and placing increasing importance on other forms of learning and development, such as coaching. A recent survey highlighted:


• a 51 % increase in the use of coaching

  over the last few years

• a 47 % increase of e-learning

• a 42 % increase in the use of mentoring

• a 96 % of respondents agreed that

  individuals required advice and support
  if they were to take on more responsibility
  for their own learning.


Coaching is centered on unlocking a person’s or organization’s potential to maximise their performance.”

International PARTNER
for leadership and transformation

International PARTNER
for leadership and transformation

Out beyond ideas of doing right or wrong, there is a field. I will meet you there.


Essential coaching, which focuses on our being, our entity and essence. SEINSCoaching is about the connection to our spiritual nature.


We are experiencing in our lives by exploring the essence sustainable and fulfilling solutions. It is an inner movement towards our true nature, which is above all desiring to be released into the world.


As in the case of a cyclone, there is  a point of silence, clarity and orientation in our center. We can devote ourselves step by step or directly to this point, which also feels like dying and liberation. A feeling of unity and love grows and let go what doesn't belong to us.


And what does it mean for our work in and with companies? We should listen honestly instead of knowing everything better, and continually working on a Spirit of WE, rather than focusing on our comfort zone.

There is not just one recipe to increase profits and corporate values, to promote creativity and productivity, to attract and retain talents.


But one thing is for certain: we need to focus on what is important, create common visions and human values, develop meaningful and innovative business models, ensure social and environmental sustainability, build a culture of caring, mindfulness and cordiality, looking at human beings as a whole, promoting Spirit of WE and keeping an eye on the essentials - everything is connected with everything.


Holistic, meaningful, self-determined organizations show how to successfuly implement such steps. Mindfulness and heartfulness can help us to develop a mindful attitude and a caring heart, especially in leadership positions.


We are glad to get in touch with you.

International PARTNER
for leadership and transformation

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