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The changes in markets and technology, lead ultimately to changes in corporate management. The high speed at which these changes occur, confronts the executive with huge challenges both of a strategic and personal nature. In future, corporate executives will need to have at their disposal an integrated and comprehensive knowledge of the corporation. They will need to develop an understanding of global strategies, local sales and marketing concepts and culturally adjusted management principals. Achieving this will demand innovative competence and decision support.

Organizational Intelligence (O.I.)

by Stèphano Sabetti is a future leader in its eld and offers the executive and corporation a comprehensive and integrated perspective. Crossing multidisciplinary boundaries, O.I. is made up of many fundamental and specic possibilities. Understanding these individual pieces of intelligence as a network of complementary capabilities, leads to a free owing and synergistic organizational process of tremendous strength.

Systemic Constellation (S.C.)

is one of the most impressive new approaches for facilitating groups or coaching individuals. The system itself can be represented physically in a way that allows nonphysical information to become more visible. This approach of physically representing nonphysical information enables the client to access new information and insights. This in turn provides a new range of possibilities for bringing the client’s system into a efcient workflow. In our workshops and strategic planning sessions participants typically report that they take from the process more insight into the dynamics of the situation they are dealing with, a better sense of how they different aspects of that situation impact each other and best course of action for an ideal outcome and a sustainable success.

Process Inquiry (P.I.)

is a verbal technique for going along with these energy processes, which quickly discovers the essential points and inconsistenies in communication. P.I. is effective in all types of verbal interaction such as coaching, leading, selling, etc. Process oriented communication allows us to understand the basic movements and therefore the dynamics of verbal interaction. Inquiry is a technique which uncovers the hidden meaning and deeper signicance of these exchanges. Even the most difcult problem can be solved if understood as a message with bound energy looking for release. Focusing on the solution by contrast releases this held energy for greater growth or succes.

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